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Service Descriptions

Photography of Fine-Art: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture

Product Photography: Commercial items, Jewelry, Collections, Ebay

Scanning: Flat Artwork up to 36" wide x 48" long

Restoration & Retouching: Photos and Artwork damaged by time and careless handling can be repaired, re-sized and improved. Color saturation, Resolution and Sharpness can be increased.

Graphic Design: Design and set-up of Posters, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Business Cards and Postage Stamps - all based on original artwork supplied by clients.

Giclee Printing: Fine-Art prints on acid-free paper using the Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace. Available in sizes ranging from 5" wide x 7" tall to 44" wide x 100' tall. Specialty papers (100% cotton rag) from Arches, Cranes, Hahnemuhle and Somerset are also available. All prints are produced in a color-managed (Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace) workflow on calibrated equipment.

Offset Printing: Printing of Posters, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Post Cards and Business Cards, using digital offset printing technology. All done in the CMYK colorspace.

Color Management & Monitor Calibration: Get accurate prints that match the image on your monitor and eliminate the waste of paper and ink by utilizing my X-rite/Greytag-Macbeth spectrophotometer to create a custom ICC profiles for your monitor which can then be used with ICC profiles created for specific manufacturer (Canon, Epson, HP, etc...) media/ink combinations. Finally, what you see is what you get!

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