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Photography and Digitizing Original Paintings and Drawings for Print and Archive by Vincent Wilson. Artists creating Fine Art Paintings with oils, acrylics, water colors and other media, are experiencing a great need to digitize their work for archives, print reproductions and self-promotion. If you need help in this area, I would be happy to meet with you to evaluate your work and determine which of the proprietary techniques that I have professionally researched and developed will be most appropriate to photograph and reproduce the art you have created. This approach can save you headaches and grief, along with a lot of hard-earned money. Very few photographers are willing to attempt the reproduction of fine art with this degree of care. Please take a look at the showcase display below where you can see samples of the the work I have done for a dozen artists over the last ten years, representing different styles, media and subject matter.  (click on any image below to reach sample gallery)

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Method Summary of Photographing Fine Art:

My techniques have been developed over the last ten years, using a variety of equipment ranging from 4x5 Large format View Cameras to 35mm.  Each piece that I am commissioned to photograph is evaluated on its own merits and characteristics to determine what technique (or series of techniques) will be necessary to achieve maximum fidelity to the original. The goal is to create a single master file that can be used as a "baseline" for all future archive, display, and media print reproduction requirements.  Once that master file is created, it can be used to create additional files designed to support a client's specific purpose, ranging from web photo galleries to limited edition fine art prints, calendars and greeting cards.

All digital files are compared against the original artwork in a studio balanced for daylight at 6500 Kelvins.  Computer displays used to evaluate the digital files are calibrated to the Adobe 1998 colorspace with an X-rite EyeOne spectrophotometer.  Printing is done on machines using 8-10 distinct colors with calibrated print profiles for all media used for printing: ranging from archival photo rag (cotton) fine-art paper to canvas and various industrial substrates for retail display.

The underlying principle of my work is that "the art comes first" and I will do everything possible to achieve maximum fidelity in its reproduction.  My studio is in North Brunswick NJ New Jersey, where I can easily service New Brunswick NJ New Jersey in Middlesex County NJ New Jersey and a radius of 30 to 50 miles of my studio. This includes New York City, NY, NYC or any of the boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or Richmond. Philadelphia PA is also serviceable and within 45 minutes.